Spotify launches daylist in Pakistan, an ever-changing playlist tailored to Your daily moments

    Spotify personalized listening experiences continue as it launches daylist, your day in a playlist, to music lovers in Pakistan.

    Throughout the day, your mood changes, and so does the music you listen to. Spotify’s daylist is a dynamic playlist that adapts to your day’s evolving moods and moments. Whether embracing the thrill of a ‘windows down thrill wave Thursday evening’ or kicking off the day with the energy of a ‘happy dance energy Friday morning’, the daylist ensures that soundtracks evolve seamlessly throughout the day. The point is that you’re ever-changing, and your playlists should be too.

    Get started by searching for ‘daylist’ in your Spotify App – it is also accessible on mobile within the Made For You hub. ‘daylist’ refreshes several times daily, and on mobile, you can see the timing of your next update directly from the playlist page. As with all things Spotify, every playlist is a shareable experience. Users can send their favorite daylist moments to friends on social media using a ready-made screenshot, a personalized sticker, or a customizable sharecard.

    For the best streaming experience, here is a pro tip. Save the daylist to ‘Your Library’ for convenient access to curated playlists throughout the day.

    ‘daylist’ is now accessible to both Free and Premium users in Pakistan and over 60 markets worldwide, all in English. Head to Spotify’s For the Record for more details.

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