Spotify reveals Ramadan 2023 streaming insights in Pakistan

    With the auspicious month of Ramadan around the corner, Spotify has revealed some compelling insights into the streaming habits of its listeners in Pakistan during the Holy month of 2023.

    The 2023 data reveals a fascinating trend among Spotify listeners in Pakistan, with a spike in streaming time from 8:00 pm to 1:00 am during Ramadan. This period has become the prime time for content consumption on Spotify, indicating a unique pattern of audio listening during the Holy season. Interestingly, the momentum begins to build even earlier, around 3:00 pm, with a distinct shift towards more relaxed, calming content. Compared to other times of the year, the most dramatic change in audio consumption occurs in the early morning hours, specifically between 5:00 am and 6:00 am.

    Reflecting on 2023, the most streamed Ramadan playlist, “Hamd-o-Naat“, and “Naat” being the most searched word during Ramadan, depicts a collective desire for poetic expressions of devotion and praise. A noteworthy playlist, “Best of: Coke Studio Sufi“, experiences a remarkable 218% growth, echoing the resonance of spiritual themes during Ramadan.

    Atif Aslam’s soul-stirring track “Tajdar-E-Haram” has emerged as the most added track to user-generated playlists during Ramadan in 2023. This poignant selection mirrors the quest for transcendence and connection during this month. ‘Soft’, ‘Soothing’, and ‘Peaceful’ moods dominate the tracks added to user-generated playlists as the Top Playlist Moods, emphasizing a collective preference for contemplative tones that complement the introspective spirit of Ramadan.

    According to the data shared by Spotify, the Top Streaming Moods of Pakistan during Ramadan in 2023 were ‘Patient’, ‘Appreciation’, and ‘Mystical’, reflecting the true essence of the Holy month. When it comes to the Top Playlists of Pakistan in Ramadan 2023, Hamd-o-NaatRamadaniyat, and Salam were among the top 3 playlists revealing the religious and cultural significance of Ramadan while showcasing the importance of religious content for users’ spiritual journey.

    Curated for every Ramadan moment, Spotify has also updated its Ramadan Hub for listeners featuring a wide variety of Qawwalis, Sufi Music, Naats, and more. In case you are looking for more Ramadan playlists, here are a few recommendations from Spotify: Hamd-o-NaatSouth Asian SufiDuaa, or Ramadaniyat.

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