Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Humans?

    In a world where economic value and increased automation dominate,can Artificial Intelligence replace humans? However, many argue that instead of eliminating jobs, AI is reshaping how we work, unlocking human potential, and altering the landscape of innovation and productivity. In engineering, it is essential to identify roles vulnerable to AI and automation and those resilient to change. This article explores the dynamic impact of artificial intelligence on engineering and related fields.

    The Ascendancy of Robots
    Initial expectations suggested that robots would replace low-skilled labor in monotonous and hazardous tasks on factory floors. However, human labor continues to be more cost-effective than investing in robots for most facilities. The cost of training and re-training traditional robots for process changes is substantial. The breakthrough is imminent with the latest robotics systems incorporating computer vision and AI, allowing self-training and following generic commands in natural language. This advancement holds tremendous potential for robotics automation.

    AI in Copywriting
    Copywriting, valued for its persuasive impact on audiences, has become integral across various platforms. AI now empowers engineers with specialized knowledge to create compelling articles without entirely replacing copywriters. While AI may struggle to replicate high taste and text quality, its significance in specific domains is emerging.

    AI-Assisted Design
    Graphic designers embrace AI technology, but industrial design still relies on manual processes. However, industrial designers can leverage AI to generate product concepts quickly and explore a broader range of sketches. While AI-generated product renders may lack perfection, continuous refinement through iterative prompts is feasible. While generative AI assists less skilled designers, high-end professionals maintain their reliance on established processes and creativity.

    The Debate on 10x Engineers
    Silicon Valley debates whether AI can replace large software engineering teams. AI tools can create visually appealing web pages and, in advanced systems, significantly contribute to code writing. The concept of a “10x engineer” who can write ten times more lines of code than an average programmer gains even more value with AI. The collaboration of a team and an AI copilot can outperform the entire organization’s previous output.

    AI’s Role in Electronics Engineering
    While AI cannot design a new product for a startup, it can augment and expedite development processes. AI can assist in generating diagrams, selecting components, finding manufacturers, and performing calculations. Although the development process remains mainly manual, CAD software is integrating more AI tools to accelerate progress.

    Mechanical Engineering Realities
    Mechanical engineers play a crucial role in transforming designs into manufacturable enclosures, a meticulous and hands-on process. AI tools may highlight potential conflicts or suggest improvements in design aesthetics, but the majority of the work still relies on skilled human hands.

    Embracing Progress, Acknowledging Limits
    While our world is evolving, technology is not yet capable of fully replacing highly skilled engineers. Key qualities such as creativity, effective communication, and the ability to devise innovative solutions remain invaluable. AI can complement and enhance certain aspects of work, but it is unlikely to overshadow the expertise and capabilities of skilled specialists. The human touch remains irreplaceable.

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