Year in Search 2023: Google Announces Top Trending Searches in Pakistan

    It’s time to look back on the most interesting and memorable moments from Google’s Year in Search of 2023 as the new year approaches. The top trending searches in 2023 demonstrated the varied interests and evolving tastes of the Pakistani audience, ranging from a passion for entertainment and cricket to newsworthy stories and happenings.

    This year’s top trending searches offer an enthralling glimpse into the distinct trends that captivated Pakistanis in 2023. Let us dive in and take a look at the searches that made it into the lists, this year.

    Who are they searching for?

    As a reflection of the public’s varied interests, the top 10 trending searches for “people” in Pakistan for 2023 showcase a diverse range of personalities. Hareem Shah and Aliza Sehar were among the top names people searched for this year. Third place went to Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff, who was extensively searched this year amidst rumors about his well-being.

    Pakistani cricket fans were on the lookout for promising young players like Abdullah Shafique, Saud Shakeel, and the emerging talent Haseebullah Khan. Pakistan’s caretaker Prime Minister Anwar ul Haq Kakar, was also at the forefront of public interest, reflecting the nation’s interest in politics. Additionally, Glenn Maxwell and Shubman Gill also secured their spots due to their impressive performances in the Cricket World Cup, while Usman Khan garnered attention for his standout innings in the Pakistan Super League.

    On the Front Page:

    War in Israel and Gaza has been at the forefront of all news, hence reflecting as the most trending search this year. On the other hand, people also searched for the Ehsaas Program, which is the next most trending item on the list, reflecting the public’s interest in the government’s financial aid schemes.

    The news of the horrific events of the Peshawar Blast captured the nation’s collective concern for security and safety. Pakistanis were also actively searching for economic indicators like the Pakistani Rupee, keeping themselves updated with the fluctuating foreign exchange rates, which demonstrates their keen awareness of financial matters.
    News related to Fatima Tahir, Aliza Sehar, Imran Riaz Khan, and the ever-so-popular Akshay Kumar, Kajol, and Mohammad Amir were also among the trending searches this year.

    Reasons to Celebrate:

    In 2023, the top trending searches in this category offer keen and fascinating insights into the interests of Pakistanis, a mix of religious festivals, sporting events, and political milestones. The top five trending searches in this category exhibit the nation’s unwavering enthusiasm for cricket, with major tournaments like the Pakistan Super League, Cricket World Cup, Asia Cup 2023, Indian Premier League, and Ashes prominently taking up the top 5 spots featured. Whereas the Lanka Premier League took the 9th spot.

    Religious holidays are also prominent in these search trends; for example, people in Pakistan showed their excitement for the joyous celebrations with searches of Eid-ul-Fitr 2023, Ramadan Mubarak, and Eid-ul-Adha Mubarak. On the political front, Pakistan National Elections 2023 also managed to get on the list in the 10th spot, highlighting Pakistani’s interest in the democratic process.

    Film Buff Queries:

    In Pakistan, the cinematic landscape is varied and ever-evolving which showed up in the top trending searches this year. Nolan’s masterful depiction of Oppenheimer took the first spot in the trending list, followed by blockbuster movies Jawan and Pathan, featuring Bollywood star Sharukh Khan. With its feminist outlook and an inspiring story of girl power, the global phenomenon, Barbie, was particularly popular in Pakistan, making it into the top 5.
    In addition, the success of Tiger 3, Gadar 2, John Wick 4, and Extraction 2 demonstrates that audiences were eager for more action-packed thrillers from the global movie markets. At the same time, Pakistanis seeking desi humor and lighthearted comedy turned their attention to Carry on Jatta 3. The TV series Farzi also made it onto the list.

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    Culinary Explorations:

    The top 10 trending recipe searches explore a variety of flavors, techniques, and culinary traditions. The top three spots were taken by Samosa, the most famous triangular food item in the sub-continent, the scrumptious Kaleji, and the king of all festival-related sweet dishes, Sheer Khurma. The meat lovers in Pakistan helped Namkeen Gosht make it to the list, and of course, the usually searched recipe for homemade alternatives to the packaged Tomato Ketchup.
    Among the tasty and easy-to-prepare snacks, the list features a Chicken Roll recipe. However, in terms of drinks, Watermelon Juice is a welcome addition, highlighting a desire for cool, hydrating treats in the scorching heat of the summers Pakistan witnessed this year.

    The inclusion of a classic Steak recipe and the ever-popular Tikka Boti showcase Pakistan’s affinity for BBQ and meat-centric dishes

    The Cricket Fever:

    In the exciting cricket world, the top most trending searched matches of 2023 in Pakistan reflect the nation’s fervent passion for the sport. The top three searched matches; Pakistan vs New Zealand, Pakistan vs Afghanistan, and Pakistan vs Australia, were all highly interesting clashes. The much talked about, India vs New Zealand match in the final stages of the Cricket World Cup took the fourth spot.

    The cricket buzz continued, with further searches of intense encounters like; Pakistan vs Netherlands, Pakistan vs Netherlands, India vs Pakistan, Australia vs England, India vs Australia, Pakistan vs Sri Lanka, and England vs Pakistan

    Seeking Information:

    Pakistanis also come to Google for the rescue when they are in a pickle. The top 10 trending “How to” searches in Pakistan offer a glimpse into the queries that people actively searched for. When Whatsapp channels were launched this year, they drew a peak interest, making creating a WhatsApp channel the trendiest How To search this year. Pakistanis, particularly this year, were also interested in applying for a Canada visa. Some more creative and domestic How-to searches include making flowers last longer and removing mehndi from hands.

    With queries like checking matric results, exam results were heavily searched. It has been a pivotal year for AI and its evolution, and people wanted to incorporate it in all the apps they use, making queries about AI on Snapchat reach the top trending searches this year.

    Looking back at Google’s Year in Search for 2023 reveals the rich fabric of Pakistani interests as we welcome the new year. The top trending searches cover a wide range of topics, from cricket’s enduring popularity to the fascinating lives of prominent figures.
    These search trends not only reflect the past but also provide a sneak peek at the changing interests that will enthrall Pakistanis in the coming months as we enter the new year. Celebrating another year of learning, progress, and curiosity!

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