Top 10 AI Tools of 2023: Boost Your Earnings with Proven Strategies

    2023 has been labeled the year of AI tools due to the rapid pace of breakthroughs, though some express concerns about this development. Despite these reservations, a recent study indicates that fear has not deterred people from embracing AI. According to, an online content writing company, ChatGPT emerged as the most popular generative AI tool globally, amassing over 14 billion visits between September 2022 and August 2023.

    The study, conducted using SEMrush, a prominent SEO software, analyzed over 3,000 AI tools. The top 50 collectively garnered over 24 billion visits, with a majority coming from male users. The top 10 AI tools of the year are as follows:

    1. ChatGPT
      • Tool category: AI Chatbot
      • Total visits: 14.6 billion
      • Tool category: AI Chatbot
      • Total visits: 3.8 billion
    3. Quillbot
      • Tool category: AI Writing
      • Total visits: 1.1 billion
    4. Midjourney
      • Tool category: Image Generator
      • Total visits: 500.4 million
    5. Hugging Face
      • Tool category: Data Science
      • Total visits: 316.6 million
    6. Bard
      • Tool category: AI Chatbot
      • Total visits: 241.6 million
    7. NovelAI
      • Tool category: AI Writing
      • Total visits: 238.7 million
    8. Capcut
      • Tool category: Video Generator
      • Total visits: 203.8 million
    9. Janitor AI
      • Tool category: AI Chatbot
      • Total visits: 192.4 million
    10. Civitai
      • Tool category: Image Generator
      • Total visits: 177.2 million

    Despite negative press, ChatGPT remains widely used, capable of tasks ranging from planning schedules to crafting detailed resumes. While other tools like Bard and Quillbot offer similar capabilities, they haven’t achieved the same popularity. AI tools like and serve as virtual companions.

    Beyond entertainment, AI offers lucrative opportunities for freelancers and small business owners. Susan Gonzales, founder and CEO of AIandYou, emphasizes the potential for AI tools to enhance business operations, improve inventory management, analyze customer behavior, and identify revenue opportunities. Gonzales suggests that AI can also serve as a source of income, whether through targeted marketing efforts or exploring side gigs such as tutoring, highlighting the wealth of information available for those interested in acquiring AI skills.

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