Pakistan Moves Closer to 5G with Comprehensive Working Paper

    Pakistan took a significant step towards launching 5G technology nationwide with the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) submitting a detailed working paper to the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications (MoIT&T).

    This crucial document, developed by PTA officials in collaboration with industry stakeholders, outlines a roadmap for deploying and integrating 5G networks across the country. The working paper will be presented to the Ministry of Finance under the leadership of the newly appointed IT Secretary, Captain (Retd) Muhammad Mehmood.

    The comprehensive document covers a wide range of aspects essential for a successful 5G rollout. It addresses industry readiness, anticipates challenges, and proposes regulatory frameworks, providing a holistic view of Pakistan’s path to 5G adoption.

    Furthermore, the working paper emphasizes the potential of 5G networks to foster innovation and propel Pakistan to the forefront of connectivity.

    Spectrum availability, a critical factor for 5G deployment, is being addressed by the Frequency Allocation Board (FAB). A recent FAB meeting focused on optimizing spectrum allocation and utilization strategies for 5G. The release of the meeting minutes is expected to provide transparency regarding the total spectrum available.

    Sources indicate that following spectrum allocation and the Finance Ministry’s review of the working paper, the federal government will issue a policy directive for the 5G launch. Subsequently, the PTA will initiate the process of hiring consultants to oversee the implementation.

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