Mobilink Bank and BizB partner to drive financial inclusion, empowering women micro-entrepreneurs

    Mobilink Bank partnered with BizB, a leading marketplace in Pakistan, welcoming the company as a ‘Brand Ambassador Organization,’ to drive financial inclusion and bolster women micro-entrepreneurs nationwide. This symbiotic partnership strives to offer easily accessible financial services and support the endeavors of female entrepreneurs in the growing e-commerce landscape. Through this partnership, women micro-entrepreneurs under BizB’s W-Empower will not only have access to a platform for buying and selling preloved apparel but will also enjoy the full range of features provided by the Dost App, ensuring smooth and convenient transactions.

    Mobilink Bank is part of the VEON group, a global digital operator that provides converged connectivity and digital services to nearly 160 million customers in six dynamic markets that are home to 7% of the world’s population.

    BizB revolutionizes Pakistan’s fashion industry with sustainable practices, offering preloved clothing to empower urban women economically and environmentally, fostering community, and reshaping fashion consumption for a conscious, inclusive future.

    Mobilink Bank, driven by its dedication to advancing gender equality, has empowered over 18,000 women through this partnership. Looking ahead, the Bank is committed to amplifying its impact further, with plans to support an additional 3,000 new entrepreneurs every month in the first quarter of 2024.

    Sharing his thoughts, Atta-ur-Rehman, Chief Branch Business Officer Mobilink Bank said, “We at Mobilink Bank are proud to support BizB’s W-Empower and enable women to become micro-entrepreneurs. By providing access to financial services and promoting digital inclusion through the Dost App, we are not just facilitating economic empowerment but also fostering a more inclusive and prosperous society. Enabling women to take control of their financial futures is not just a goal for us at the Bank; it’s a commitment to building a more equitable and sustainable space for all.”

    Sehrish Raza, CEO and Founder BizB said, “I am thrilled to announce our strategic collaboration with Mobilink Bank. Together, we are not only revolutionizing Pakistan’s fashion industry but also empowering women through financial inclusion and entrepreneurship. This partnership is a testament to our commitment to a conscious and inclusive fashion future, fostering economic and environmental sustainability. We look forward to creating a positive impact and shaping a more equitable society for all.”

    Mobilink Bank is resolute in its pursuit of gender equality, extending inclusive support to women. Beyond the provision of formal financial services, the Bank places a paramount focus on fostering skills and imparting financial literacy. Through its flagship initiative, the Women Inspirational Network (WIN), the Bank has empowered and upskilled 5000 women across the nation. In partnership with like-minded organizations, Mobilink Bank spearheads inclusivity efforts, equipping women with the tools to excel not only in finance but also in other spheres of economic life.

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