An Open Letter from realme’s Founder and CEO, Sky Li

    realme’s Founder and CEO, Sky Li, issued an open letter at the beginning of 2024, announcing that 2024 will be the year of rebranding for realme. The open letter has clarified realme’s new mission, brand positioning, and spirit. Sky Li says realme will shift its brand outlook from being a brand that is “opportunity-oriented” to being a brand that is “brand-oriented,” and this will be the foundation of its strategic development moving forward.

    A Tech Brand that Better Understands Young Users

    realme was founded in the fiercely competitive smartphone market and quickly established its position with a differentiation development strategy: bring better technologies and designs to young users around the world. In the past five years, realme gained deep insights into the young generations and continues to provide products with leap-forward performance and design to over 200 million users around the world.

    At the beginning of the next five years, based on its deep understanding of young users and guiding the company’s development, realme moved its brand position from a trendy-based strategy to a more open and wide-reaching one, to be A tech brand that better understands young users. Sky Li said, “The focus of our new positioning is not so much a redirection as it is an opening up. This will guide our long-term investment and development which will help us better connect with more young users, in more markets, and more regions of the world.”

    With its 5-year brand assets and young users’ recognition, realme aims higher in its standard. realme focuses more on the brand experience and product experience than before with the goal of exceeding young users’ expectations, beginning with starting from the impossible and raising the standard to make it possible. Therefore, realme revised its mission to more concisely capture its aspirations for future development: To let young users around the world enjoy tech experiences that exceed expectations. Staying true to its original intention, realme will be moving forward with greater focus and ambition, ready to explore new possibilities and make breakthroughs to reach its aspirations.

    From “Opportunity-Oriented” to “Brand-Oriented”

    realme always puts young people at the core and adheres to the user-centric to drive its competitiveness in three areas: product strength, technological strength, and brand strength. This will guide realme to achieve long-term and high-quality growth.

    To bring breakthroughs in product strength, realme continues to adhere to its “Simply Better” and “No Leap, No Launch” strategies while clarifying the positioning of its three product lines: the GT Series positioned as Next-level Performance Flagship, Number Series positioned as Next-gen Imaging, and C Series positioned as Essential Plus.

    Besides, realme will focus on improving the product experience in the three areas of performance, photography, and design, collaborating with more than 30 leading tech partners while investing more heavily in research and development. This will enable realme to bring the latest advances in technology directly to its young users.

    On brand strength, realme remains focused on the young generation and will optimize the customer insight mechanism to be more adaptive and responsive in its approach. Sky Li said, realme will be able to directly implement new user insights into its brand and product development, even while in the middle of projects, making for a realme’s brand experience that feels more fluid, dynamic, and three-dimensional.

    While focusing on product strength, technological strength, and brand strength, as the core competitiveness, it enables realme to bring the latest advances in technology directly to young users, taking its positioning as a tech brand that better understands young users from an idea into reality.

    Moreover, realme puts forward a new slogan: Make it real. The new slogan retains the spirit of realme’s Dare to Leap while focusing more on young users, and bringing real, clear, and tangible benefits to their lives. At the beginning of its next 5 years, realme will stay true to its original intention, growing up with young people to be a tech brand that better understands young users and satisfies their spiritual pursuits and emotional values to make it real.

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